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Planning Process

We Guide You Through the Whole Thing

The Over the Edge team is always available to assist the hosting non-profit. We developed a comprehensive strategic development process that is supported by telephone conference calls, webinars, videos, and Members' Area of the website that contains an Event Manual. Our team is accessible whenever you need us! 

For any partnership to be successful, communication is vital. All parties involved must be clear on one another’s responsibilities. Over the Edge has developed a clear and concise list to identify key tasks and to assign responsibility. Here is an outline of the responsibilities of both parties.

This event is designed to be a partnership of shared expertise between Over the Edge and the hosting non-profit. However, the expertise can be separated into two categories - strategic event planning and event logistics.

Strategic Event Planning

Our Account Manager will work with you in developping a plan for event success. They will share best practices in areas such as recruitment, engaged leadership, social media and sponsorship. To support the non-profit, we have documented techniques that have proven successful in past Over the Edge events that are included in our comprehensive Best Practices Manual provided to the non-profit management team.

Event Logistics

OTE's technical logistics include all components of the actual rappel – equipment, insurance policies, staff training, participant training and all logistics as they pertain to rooftop management and rappelling. The hosting non-profit is expected to have expertise in event management, volunteer solicitation, participant recruitment and marketing tactics within their local region.  

Four key initial areas of concern with potential non-profit partners: safety issues, finding a buildingpotential revenue and costs. 

It is our role to educate the host non-profit about the expectations and responsibilities of everyone involved. Our clients receive comprehensive support materials so they completely understand their investment.

The Over the Edge partnership is a four-phase process designed to ensure that potential non-profit partners are well-suited, informed and prepared to run a successful fundraising event. While each case is different, you can expect to take between 6 to 15 months to complete the process.

Below you will see a digram that highlights the entire event planning process from start to finish. Please contact us for a detaield document which accompanies this diagram and explains each phase in detail



Finding a Building

Here we can provide a very brief guide of the building process, but much more information will be supplied to you if you decide that Over the Edge is the right event for your organization.  

Over the Edge has hosted events on buildings of anywhere 5 stories and 40 stories.  While rappelling by definition is exhilarating, certain buildings make it even more fun because of their shape, windows or the sense of “exposure” that they produce. Our technicians will study the suitability of the options brought forth.

Hear what Keith Fishburne, CEO of Special Olympics North Carolina has said about securing a building with Over the Edge:

Responsibilites of Both Parties 

To ensure that our parteners are aware of what goes into an Over the Edge event, we have created a comprehinsive responsibilites document for our potential clients. 

Please contact us for this document, which outlines the responsibilities of Over the Edge and the non-profit client, as well as the mutual responsibilities that will be shared by both parties.

Current OTE clients please note:  This list can be found in Schedule "B" of your Event Contract.

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