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The following are frequency asked questions for Ropes Volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering and require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone at 1-866-434-8776 or email at or feel free to visit our Chat Line (found at the bottom right hand corner of the website).

Q: How do I sign up to be a Ropes Volunteer?
A: Be sure to visit our Upcoming Events online to see if there is an event happening in your area that you would like to volunteer for then simply visit our Sign Up page to register. There will be an event drop down menu to select the date/location of the event you would like to be involved with.

Q: What experience/background is required to volunteer?
A: We give preference to volunteers with prior rope experience whether it’s recreational, industrial or rescue. However, a helpful outgoing attitude that inspires confidence in the participants can be just as important.  Our certified Rope Staff will train you in all the technical skills you may need.  If you have questions about your qualifications, or want to help but have little or no experience working around ropes, please drop us an email.

Q: What is the age limit to volunteer?
A: The standard age limit is 18 years or older to volunteer. If you are under the age of 18 and have extensive rope training or experience, feel free to email to find out if there may be an opportunity for involvement. 

Q: As a Ropes Volunteer, will I get to rappel?
A: Our team will make every effort to ensure Ropes Volunteers are given the opportunity to rappel. This typically happens during the training session on site the day prior to the event.

Q: What is the standard time commitment for Ropes Volunteers?
A: Ropes Volunteer training typically takes place the day prior to event day and is a 3 hour session. This is mandatory for first time volunteers and encouraged for return volunteers. We ask that all volunteers be available for the entire day on the actual Event Day which can run upwards of 12 hours from arrival to wrap up. There are also Ropes Volunteer webinars offered every Monday evening with the exceptions of holidays. It is encouraged that you attend one online prior to the event.

Q: When is the webinar and do I have to attend one?
A:We ask that all first time Ropes Volunteers  to please watch our volunteer webinar online at their convenience prior to their event; You can also find this link in the confirmation email sent to your inbox. If you would like to arrange a private webinar for your group or organization please e-mail

Q: What is Media/VIP Day? Are Ropes Volunteers required for this?
A: The day before the actual event, several members of the media and VIP’s will get to do the rappel.  We usually need 2 - 4 Ropes Volunteers to help for a 3 hour session on the same day as the Ropes Volunteer training. You may have the opportunity to rappel dressed as a local mascot at this time.

Q: Where do I go when I arrive?
A: There are usually signs at the front desk for all volunteers and staff however, an Account Manager will be in touch with you after you sign up online and will send out key event details 7-10 days prior to the event.

Q: Can I bring my own gear?
A: All participants and volunteers must use equipment provided by Over the Edge. Volunteers may wear their own gloves (full fingered and leather palmed).

Q: Are meals included?
A: Lunch will be provided on Event Day, and a water station will be on site at all times. If you have any special meal requirements or allergies, please advise an OTE Account Manager after you sign up online.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Long pants, closed toed shoes. You will be given a volunteer shirt to wear on Event Day.

Q: What about breaks?
A: The event runs continuously, meaning the team is on a rotation for breaks and meal time and do not stop as a whole group at one time.

Q: I wouldn’t want to work on the roof, but would still like to help, what can I do?
A: There are lots of ways to help even if you are not comfortable on the rooftop: if you have some rope experience you can help in our staging area indoors, getting people in and out of harnesses, you can help with the media, be a gear runner, etc.

Q: I am raising money to do the event; can I also be a Ropes Volunteer?
A: Absolutely! Participants with previous rope experience have done both the fundraising and have volunteered to support our tech team. Please just advise your Site Safety Supervisor onsite or at the training when your scheduled rappel time is so they can cover your duties while you rappel.


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